Time to Pull out of the Fast Lane ?>

Time to Pull out of the Fast Lane

I got the next assignment from the “Blog Like a Pro” challenge today, and I totally froze. In fact, I stood there in front of my computer and could have cried. For a completely new blogger who only this morning completed her first post, this was overwhelming. I felt like the person who signed up to walk a marathon and then found out that she had to run. Make no mistake; I want to do this; I need to do…

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It’s after 2 AM, and I’m still sitting here trying to find something profound to write. Today I decided to accept the “Blog Like a Pro Challenge” from Jeff Goins. Yes, after five years, I decided to quit talking about it and finally start a blog. Six hours ago, my husband set it all up, and now….. here I sit. (Well, actually I’m standing….I heard it was better for you.) I’ve started at least eight different posts (I’m just waiting…

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